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drabbles from makai, reikai, and ningenkai

Yu Yu Hakusho Drabble Challenge
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This is the Yu Yu Hakusho Drabble Challenge community, inspired by other drabble communities such as wednesday100, open_on_sunday and hp100. The idea is simple: Every week, the moderator will issue a challenge topic, and the community members may then post drabbles (ficlets with exactly 100 words).


Open to all livejournal users. There is no requirement to post every week if you join.


** Challenges will be posted by the moderator every Saturday, Pacific time. After that, members may then post drabbles based on the given topic. Challenges will be open for a week, and closed only once the next challenge is posted.

** All ratings, genre, and pairings are accepted, but drabbles with R or NC-17 ratings should be placed under LJ cuts. If there are more than two drabbles in one post, these should also be placed under LJ cuts.

** Crossovers are allowed. Original characters are also allowed, as long as they aren't the focus of the drabble.

** All posts must contain a drabble (except the challenge introduction post). There is no limit to the number of drabbles that a member may post.

** Please post your drabbles as new entries and please place content within the body of your post. Also, please put the title of your drabble as the subject of your post. All story posts will be saved to memories in order to be searchable by author; posting a link to your drabble defeats this purpose.

** Writing drabbles for past challenges is also allowed; just make sure to indicate the challenge you're writing for.

** Promotion of communities/journals/fanfiction is allowed, but only within a post that contains a drabble.

** If you wish to suggest a challenge, just leave a comment in the latest challenge post.

** No flaming, trolling, anti-racial/orientation/religious, hateful posts. No character bashing. No children under 16 portrayed in a sexual situation.

Helpful Note: If you're looking for feedback consistently, it's always helpful to give it consistently. That's what a community is all about. The more you give feedback, chances are you'll receive it more as well. (from open_on_sunday)

A community where you can post your own fanfiction, fanart, and anything about anime; a low-pressure community here to help writers or artists with their works; all are welcome.